Level 01: Beginner Level

This level is for everyone who likes photography. Focused on getting the basic concepts right, it opens up the world of photography and the many possibilities that one can explore. Learning to use the camera by understanding the principles of photography is always a good start.

Rs. 5000/- only | 1 Weekend (Saturday / Sunday)

Rs, 3500/- only | One day special (Sundays)

Level 02: Amateur Level

This workshop is for individuals who have completed Level 01 or are conversant with the fundamentals of photography. Getting deeper into the subject makes your passion come alive. With more control over your equipment and a better understanding of what makes a good image, you can start exploring your inner strength to its optimum. 

Rs. 13,500/- | 3 Weekends (Including Level 01)

Rs. 10,000/- | 2 weekends (without Level 01)

Level 03: Advanced Level **

Only for individuals who have completed Level 02. This advanced course puts you in the thick of things with practicals and hands-on training. The course is designed to guide you through the many intricacies of light and introducing you to many aspects of photography. With ample assignments and guidance you are well on the way to being a professional. Includes one weekend outstation study trip.

Rs. 25,000/- | 5 Weekends Incl Level 01 & 02

Rs. 15,000/- | 2 Weekends without Level 01 & 02

** The weekend outstation trip is priced separately for travel, stay and food. The facilities usually are modest but clean and hygienic with separate rooms for men and women. Participants can make their own arrangements in case they have special needs.

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